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About  Us


Stems by MG is owned and operated by Master Florist & Event Planner and Production Designer Mauva Gacitua who studied floral design at Flowers in Beverly Hills with the owner, Vinny Thadahni and the then Chief Designer Reuben Rodriguez.  Her time at Flowers in Beverly Hills only enhanced her skills and expertise in truly creative and stunning floral design.  Her luxe Event Design and Planning skills are impeccably sharp and innovatively grand.  Engaging and merging the two creatives of Planning and Floral Design make Mauva and Stems by MG a bundle engagement and team to take your next event to an admired, aspirational, trend-worthy status.  Stems by MG’s artistic and collaborative approach will truly make your event one of a kind.  


The vision of the company is to create beautiful floral and event productions. Beautiful, couture and elegant floral designs have the power to brighten the mood and engage the senses. They calm the spirit, promote happiness and beautify a space with breath-taking opulence.  Mauva specializes in designing tablescapes pleasing to the Host or Hostess of the party/event. Their ideas shared are explored and embellished to create the desired impression the Host wishes to express to his or her guests.


Mauva is accommodating to her clients on many levels - meeting a client at a coffee shop or at a park, whatever is convenient to aid the creative process.  A client's budget is key and the symbiosis of budget to vision is paramount to Stems by MG and as such, the company is phenomenal at marrying the two aspects of a project.  We are the resource that accommodates the visions of perfect productions.









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