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Dinner Parties | Luncheons



Planning a Housewarming


When your guests join you for the unveiling of your new "Home Sweet Home", your goal should be showing off your new digs with a Floral Display in tow.  As your friends and family savor your new choices and the work put into making your home beautifully decorated, you also will enjoy hearing them discuss the beautiful flowers adorning your table/s.  They will want to touch the Stems by MG arrangement/s to see if the flowers are real.  Reach out to us for that final sweet touch of beauty!

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Hosting a Luncheon or Dinner Party


Marrying a beautiful centerpiece to a delicious meal honoring a special someone or just celebrating life is the only choice a visionary host would make.  Stems by MG will create beautiful arrangements tailored to your tastes and likeness culminating your event to ultimate success.

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