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Mirror Seating Chart - Framed with Floral Beauties - Mirror can be framed with all Hydrangeas or a mix of Hydrangeas,Rroses, Wild flowers or other blend of flowers.  This is a custom project based on number of tables, which determines mirror size and decor is custom as well, Price stated is on a small scale wedding...

Mirror Seating Chart - Framed with Floral Beauties

SKU: SMGMS641251
Option 1
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are not satisfied with your arrangement a replacement will be delivered...Ask about our ClubStems Auto Delivery Program- Choose from any arrangement in the shop or  we can customize an arrangement for you at these club discounts - 25% off Weekly Orders; 20% of Bi-Weekly Orders; 15% off Monthly Orders and 10% off Quarterly Orders.

  • Please specify the different shades of flowers you would like in your arrangement or choose 1 flower color and we will design the arrangement with the best matched colors of flowers listed in the offer.

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